Trip Basics
Medical and Travel Insurance Information


There are no health entry requirements for Chile and Argentina, though you may want to insure that your vaccinations are up-to-date (especially Hepatitis A). Contact your local travel clinic or your family physician for more information. The Federal Center for Disease Control has information on its website at or telephone (877) FYI-TRIP. 



NO insurance of any kind is provided by Snofari Expeditions. Any person traveling with Snofari Expeditions must obtain travel insurance. Proof of insurance will be required.

Also, travelers should check with their current insurance company to verify what type of coverage, if any, they receive while traveling overseas. Most important, travelers should have "evacuation insurance" in the event they must be flown home to the United States for medical treatment.

Snofari Expeditions recommends Travelex Insurance -- website at or telephone (800) 228-9792.

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