The Southern Volcanoes of Chile

Four hundred kilometers south of Santiago is the town of Chillan located in the transitional region of the Bio-Bio River.  This area, known as the heartland of Chile, is surrounded by grape vineyards and farms and is easily reached by way of the legendary Skier's Train.  Chillan is also home to Chile's most colorful open market. 

On a nearby volcano lies the ski center and hot spring resort of Termas de Chillan.  The ski area has a relaxed, rustic atmosphere and receives more snow than its counterparts to the north.  With the longest chairlift on the continent, Chillan also features excellent vertical drop, sporting a nine-kilometer long run (5.58 miles)!  Skiing and riding on a volcano bring other interesting sights, as the thermal activity creates unusual features such as steaming fumaroles and flowing mud alongside some of the runs.  An additional benefit of the volcanic landscape is the pleasant hot springs at Termas de Chillan -- a great way to top-off your day of skiing or riding!

There are several other smaller ski areas in this region that have the volcano/hot spring combination.  Like Termas de Chillan, they offer exciting adventure skiing.  One such area, Villarica-Pucon, even has bubbling lava in its crater, which is a three-hour climb from the top of the highest lift.  Antillanca is another favorite that can be enjoyed en route to the Lake District of Patagonia.

Snofari Expeditions can seamlessly link the Southern Volcanoes into your travels between the high cordillera and the Lake District of Patagonia.  Alternatively, for those who would like to focus on this region alone, we recommend a September expedition.  This region provides maximum adventure skiing and the pleasures of hot springs.

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