The Lake District of Patagonia


The Lake District of Patagonia spans from Puerto Montt in southern Chile across the Andes into the largest ski center in Argentina, on Cerro Catedral in Bariloche.  With huge lakes, volcanoes, ancient rain forest, and the wide-open, semi-arid plains of Argentina, the Lake District is one of the most picturesque regions in the world.  Bariloche is the Argentine gateway to Patagonia and the southern base for Snofari Expeditions.


Nestled on the shore of one of the largest lakes in the region, Lake Nahuel Huapi, is the town of San Carlos de Bariloche.  With strong European history and influence, Bariloche hosts the largest ski culture in South America with its two adjacent ski areas, Catedral Alta Patagonia and Robles Catedral.  Snofariís exclusive relationship with the Mountain Club allows us to stay on the slopes, with easy access to the lifts of both areas.  These unique accommodations allow our clients to meet local people and learn about Argentine culture.


Access to Bariloche with Snofari Expeditions is either by way of a two-day boat trip across three lakes beginning in Chile, or via direct flight into Bariloche.  For those who want to concentrate their Expedition in this region alone, Barilocheís airport provides easy access.  For those wishing to combine travel on both sides of the Andes, your adventure can begin in Bariloche and terminate at the Pacific Ocean in Chile, or you can embark from Chile and finish your trip in Argentina.  This excursion is truly  spectacular and can be part of a circuit combining skiing in both the lush Chilean environment and the drier setting of Argentina.

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