Sample Itineraries
Two Weeks: Single Region - Lake District of Patagonia


Day 1 (Travel Day):

  • Leave States

 Day 2 (Travel):

  • Arrive Santiago 6:15 a.m
  • Transfer to flight to Puerto Montt
  • Accommodations in Puerto Varas (15 kilometers from Puerto Montt)

 Day 3 (Boat Trip):

 Day 4 (Boat Trip/Travel Day):

  • Boat trip from Hotel Peulla to Bariloche
  • Accommodations on mountain (6 nights)
    • Bariloche has 32 lifts (1 tram, 11 chairs, and 20 surface lifts) serving terrain for all abilities (15% beginner, 60% intermediate, 20% advanced, 5% expert).  Bottom elevation is 1,050 meters (3,445 feet) and the top elevation is 2,050 meters (6,725 feet), from which an awesome view of the Andes and lakes of Patagonia can be enjoyed.

 Day 5 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Bariloche

 Day 6 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Bariloche

 Day 7 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Bariloche

 Day 8 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Bariloche

 Day 9 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Bariloche

 Day 10 (Travel Day)):

  • Travel to Antillanca, Chile.
  • Accommodations on hill, featuring hot springs & river 

Day 11 (Ski Day):

  • Ski Antillanca
    • Antillanca's top lift reaches an elevation of 1,534 meters (5,033 feet) and the base elevation is 1,070 meters (3,510 feet).  Rising above the steamy rain forest, trails for all ability levels are available and much off piste skiing on seven different cones of this volcano (40% beginner, 30% intermediate, 30% advanced).

Day 12 (Travel Day):

  • Travel to Puerto Varas, traveling through the Lake District.

 Day 13 (Travel Day):

  • Tour Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt.
  • Fly to Santiago, transfer to flight to the States

 Day 14

  • Arrive States
  • Siesta!

Note:  It is also possible on this Expedition to fly in and out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a connecting flight to Bariloche; the boat trip through the Lake District would come at the end of the trip, however, rather than the beginning.


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